Scholarship Owl Review : An In Depth Analysis of The Scholarships Finding Service

We all nurture an innocent dream inside us to study in best of the colleges, don’t we?

But studying in colleges have become more expensive than ever.

You need to pay a staggering amount of money in order to complete your that little innocent dream to be someone you have always wanted to be.

But unfortunately you don’t have that many bucks in yours’ or your parents’ pockets.

So does that mean you have to drop your dream down the flush?


No, no guys. You got a dream and you get to keep it.

And that’s where scholarship comes into the play.

Well, some of you know about this “Scholarship” thing.

But that some of you know how tedious it can be to find the appropriate scholarship suited for you.

In addition you may find it a bit too hard to have scholarship options from where you can choose the best destination for you.

So, wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone or something would do this task i.e. finding the right kind of scholarships for you relevant to your profile?

Scholarship Owl is a service that can be a bridge between you and your dream.

I've tested the service thoroughly and wrote this in-detailed scholarship owl review.


Basically, Scholarship Owl is a site where you can submit your general profile and this service will provide you the best available scholarship options for you.

Want to know the details about this Scholarship Owl service?

Well, guys, you have come to the perfect place.

By the end of the article you will not only be able to know about Scholarship Owl but also you can put a step closer to your heaven.

So, let’s dive into this Scholarship Owl thing and check whether it is actually worth using.

Scholarship owl Review : What is it?

Okay, first let me introduce you to Scholarship Owl service.

Actually, this is a website serving a service of providing automated scholarship options.

By simply putting your basic information like your age, gender, the subject you want to study and educational background, this site within its policy presents you the best suited scholarships for you.


All you have to do is to open an account in Scholarship Owl which is free and believe me the process is as simple as you can ever imagine of.

Keep one thing in your head. The more detailed information you give about yourself, Scholarship Owl will provide you with more, better and relevant scholarships for you.

So, I must say there should be no hide and seek between you and Scholarship Owl when you type down about yourself.

In a sentence, Scholarship Owl is an automated scholarship finding service fully based on your basic profiles (age, gender, desirable subject etc)

Overall Rating: 5/5

How to Join Scholarship Owl?

As of now, I guess you know what Scholarship Owl is.

And I believe you want to know how to be a part of this.

Well, you don’t have to cross a sea or fly a continent to do that.


All you have to do is just signing up an account in Scholarship Owl and you are all set to go.

The good part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny to create an account.

To create your account, you will have to give your basic information about yourself to the form.

And mind it, the more information you give, the best result you will get i.e. getting the best scholarship options for you.

Is It a Free Service?

Well, I am afraid I have to give you a dual answer. 

Yes and No.

As I already said, signing up for an account is completely free but you would have to splash a small amount of bucks.

Actually, you can enjoy this service completely free.

But you know what?

You won’t get the type of result if you become their premium member.

Okay. Let me clear the cloud.


If you want to find your desirable scholarship through Scholarship Owl without paying anything, you can do that as long as you want.

But I am afraid you will have to do all the tasks of filling your basic profiles all by yourself without getting any expertise.

What I meant is that, if you become a part of their premium plan, you will get experts’ assistance to fill your applications.

And with due respect to all, I believe that will be more standout than doing that by yourself.

The free feature will definitely provide you numerous scholarship options. There is no doubt about that.

But if you enjoy their premium service, Scholarship Owl will automate your application in a more suitable way, will give you better features and you will have an account manager to handle your applications in a more proper way.

But don’t think that if you don’t pay, Scholarship Owl won’t provide you better choices.

In a research it has been seen that, maximum of the students opt for a free service and you know what?

They have been able to get some of the better colleges in the country.

What Are The Membership Plans?

Scholarship Owl has four different membership schemes.

And the interesting part is that you can enjoy three weeks of free trial if you choose any of these plans.

Okay now let’s throw our eyes into the membership plans Scholarship Owl has got for us.


VIP: The most exclusive service Scholarship Owl offers is its VIP scheme.

Well, to be a VIP member you have to pay $99 per month and believe me it does worth every penny.

If you be their VIP member, they will automatically apply for you in the best convenient colleges out there.

And your application will be scrutinized by the experts to make it ever better.

Overall, you will get better features and more experts’ opinion in case of getting any scholarship or choosing one.

Monthly: This service does include automated application to the scholarships that you are best matched with.

And this scheme will cost you $20 per month.

Quarterly: This plan pretty much offers the same as the monthly plan.

The main difference is you would have to pay for $15 per month for straight three months.

Semi-Annually: This is twice a year plan and you will have to pay for six months at $10 per month.

You already know that, you can enjoy the basic features (getting the scholarship options by manually sending the applications) of Scholarship Owl for free.

But there is a phrase “To make money, you have to spend money”

And if you be a part of Scholarship Owl premium plan, you will get much more improved features and experts’ advice and recommendation.

What Types of Scholarships Actually Scholarship Owl Offers?

Based on your submitted application, Scholarship Owl provides you with the best possible scholarships available there.

Well, on the basis of your profile, your financial background and extra curriculum activities, Scholarship Owl has many interesting scholarships in its database.


Need Based Scholarship: This scholarship is applicable only if you or your family has a small amount of income and not saved the necessary amount for your college expenses.

If you have any relatives working in the same college you had already applied, you would also be taken under consideration for this kind of scholarships.

Merit Based Scholarship: If you have scored a perfect SAT score or have got better academic results, you will be eligible for merit based scholarship.

And let me tell you one thing. 

If you have been a class president or ever present at the seminars or events organized by your institution, you will be given extra advantage over others.

Athletic Based Scholarship: This scholarship is specially given to those who have been involved in sports before.

And they will have to continue to take part of the sports in the colleges too.

Artistic Based Scholarship: If you are good in painting or writing or taking photographs, then this scholarship is the most suited for you.

Believe me, many colleges appreciate this sort of creative talents and reward them with scholarship and help them paying their fees.

Scholarship for International Students: If you live in France and want to study in US, you may have to face steep financial challenges.

Well, almost every renowned colleges do recognize this condition by offering scholarships for foreign students.

And you can get these sort of scholarships from Scholarship Owl too.

Scholarship for Minorities: If you belong to an ethnic group, then you have options too for getting scholarships from one of your dream places.

Special Scholarship by Scholarship Owl ”: If you become a part of Scholarship Owl premium model, then you have a chance to win a scholarship worth $1000.

Oh my Gosh! 

Seriously, $1000?

Yes, guys. But only if you choose to be their paid member.


Think, if you choose their quarterly plan of $45 and you win this scholarship.

What amount of extra money will you be getting just by spending only $45?

I leave the part of calculation to you. 

And being a premium member, you will be able to enjoy extra features and seek experts’ experienced visions.

How Much Are the Scholarship?

Well, you may get different sort of scholarships from Scholarship Owl site.

The amount of scholarship you will get from Scholarship Owl is from $100 to astonishing $10000.

However, this scholarship range depends upon how much information you fill out in the application form.

If you give a very basic information about yourself, you will be offered comparatively less amount of scholarship.


More detailed information will bring you amazing scholarship offers.

And remember there is always a chance for you to get $1000 scholarship from Scholarship Owl popularly named “You Deserve It” scholarship.

But the odds will be against you.

It has been reported that your chances to get this special scholarship 1 in 60000.

Almost 60000 new accounts are being created by the users every month.

But you can always be the lucky one.

Is Scholarship Owl legit or scam?

I believe at least 90% of you got the question whether Scholarship Owl is really a good solution or is it just another spamming site?


I have to tell you that Scholarship Owl is a site you can put your faith in and it does absolutely what it claims to do.

You just put your profiles on Scholarship Owl ”, sit back, relax and wait for the magic of Scholarship Owl ”.

Famous magazine Forbes has shared a successful story about Scholarship Owl and I believe that is enough evidence of being this site a legitimate one.

Is There Any Alternative/s ?

Yes, there are other alternatives to Scholarship Owl which provide similar sort of service.

Well, there is Fastweb, Chegg and Sholly which are some of the famous sites that can connect you with many scholarship options.

Among these, Fastweb claims it has more than 1.5 million scholarships in their sites.

Is it Better than Other Sites?

Hell yeah.


Instead of filling the same information about yourself on multiple scholarship applications, you just need to fill it once and see the magic.


Scholarship Owl automates the process of filling the same information on other applications too.

You can save a hell lot of time only by signing up an account in Scholarship Owl.

And let me tell you no other service will take care of this process unlike Scholarship Owl.

Plus, daily a lot of new scholarships are being added to the sites only thinking about its users.

Signing up for “Scholarship” is easier than you can possibly think of.

The website is well organized and very easily navigable.

Scholarship Owl offers a tough security to your personal data.

All your personal information is kept safe and the good thing about this site is that it is completely spam protected.

You won’t get random e-mails but only get the most relevant ones to your needs.


In case if you have missed any of the important facts about Scholarship Owl, I will review those again.

Question: Is Scholarship Owl Free?

Answer: Yes, Scholarship is a free site to create a profile of you.
In fact you can apply for scholarships totally free.
But for more features and better expert suggestions, you have to be a part of Scholarship Owl premium plan worth from $15-$99 per month depending on your need.

Question: How Many Applications Can I Apply For?

Answer: Well, you can apply for as many scholarships as you want.
And the sweet thing is that you do not have to fill all the multiple applications.
Just fill it for once and Scholarship Owl will automatically fill the other applications too.

Question: Is Scholarship Owl Legit?

Answer: In a word, 100% legit and trustworthy.

Question: How Many Scholarships are Available in Scholarship Owl?

Answer: More than 1.4 million scholarships are available in Scholarship Owl database.
And more are being added continuously.


Frankly, finding the right kind of scholarship is not an easy job to do.

In fact you have to give a sublime amount of time and labor behind this.

Scholarship Owl does this job for you by free or a by a nominal price.

Very few people get to achieve what they always desire for.

And to reach that target, everyone needs to be in a good, proper college.

But considering about the cost of the expenses, maximum of us falls back.

Scholarship Owl provides you with a variation of scholarships suited only for your needs.

In question of being a trustworthy site, I strongly believe Scholarship Owl excels in all categories.