BarkBox Review (August 2018) : The Only Definitive Dog Subscription Box Guide You'll Ever Need

Your dog deserves a good, handy time when you are preoccupied with your daily works. Doesn't he/she?

Because I know for sure, you must be really looking for the answer for this kind of dilemma.

In this BarkBox review, I am going to give you the perfect solution for the above mentioned problem.

Questions to Ask Before Buying A Dog Subscription Box

 Why would you need a monthly subscription box for your dog?

Is it worth your money?

Does the size of your dog make any difference while choosing a particular package? 

How the system works?

What about other alternatives?

How to save some money while subscribing to such service?

Now, the thing is, BarkBox is claiming it has come to aid 'that pain' for you.

Firstly, don’t worry, I got you completely covered on BarkBox (and all others monthly subscription services for your dog).

All you need to do is keep reading....

So, scroll down and feel free to use the navigation menu!


Product Name: BarkBox (Monthly box based subscription service for dogs) 

Usability: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5 


Enjoy this month's BarkBox unboxing video! Every month BarkBox comes with a unique theme. And this month's theme is 'Age of The Furoah' .

​What is BarkBox?

Barkbox is an online service which sends you custom toys, organic foods and delightful chews for your four-legged pal.

The whole process is as simple as that- just choose your dog size, your subscription length i.e. how long you want to sign up for Barkbox service and wait for the knock at your door.

A very straightforward process, right?

How ​BarkBox works? (Infographic)


​image​: BarkBox

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​Main Reason for Subscribing​

Let's dive deeper...

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself. Your pooch cares for your comfort, your security more than anything in the world.

Well, I can quote from a research conducted by a Dr. Berns, A neuroscientist.

"Your Dog's Love for You Goes Deeper Than Food"

Your dog will never complain about your caring but doesn’t your morality tell you to return the favor?

Your company is the best thing your dog loves but what about him when you are not around?

You must be horrendously tensed about your puppy whether it is having a quality time when you are engaged elsewhere?

Barkbox has come to aid that pain for you.


Barkbox subscription gives your dog a new whole level of experience.

Barkbox is a kind of box that is filled with a range of high-quality treats and toys that are made from natural products ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

This box is creating a new trend with custom themed toys, treats, and rewarding your dog constantly.

If you want to relax while you are working at your office and want to make sure that your canine is enjoying itself and having good food, then, believe me, Barkbox is a perfect service for you.

Still confused?

Guys if you don’t know or know a bit about this Barkbox thing, then don’t worry. Stay Buckled.

Sizes and Options

Well, Barkbox has categorized its box sizes according to the sizes of the dogs.

You can follow this 2-setp formula to choose the perfect BarkBox for your dog.

Step-1: Follow the dog size and breed chart provided below

Step-2: ​Choose the right package

For your convenience here's a chart that explains every possible dog size and breed variation.


​image: pinterest

​Now that you know the exact 'size category' of your dog follow this table to get your desired BarkBox:

​BarkBox Option

​Dog Size (in lbs.)


​0-10 lbs


​20-50 lbs


​50+ lbs

What Comes in a BarkBox?

Now, you must be itching to know what kinds of toys, treats Barkbox actually provides.


When you order for a Barkbox, every month it sends 4-6 custom items to you for your puppy. These items generally contain-

  • 2 innovative and super fun toys
  • 2 fully natural organic food
  • 1 dog chew

In addition to your subscription plan, you also have the option to order an extra premium toy which costs $9. It is really something to consider if you are seeking for bonus toys.

Another notable fact about Barkbox contents is that it offers fun themed boxes each month that often matches the season-during holidays, expects holiday-themed toys and treats your pooch can play with.

Well, the contents of Barkbox seem to be fascinating to you.

Isn’t it?

But again, you must be worried about the quality of the contents.

If you have this kind of feeling, it is totally justified and it proves that you really care for your pet.

Barkbox provides treats and toys from trusted vendors who use highest quality ingredients.

The quality of the treats does sound logical to you.

But you must be thinking how Barkbox are so sure that their custom toys would be liked by your dog?

Let me clear your confusion.


Before sending any toys, Barkbox team uses each and every toy on their own puppies. So, what you are being delivered (toys, treats) are guaranteed to delight your canine.

Again, if your puppy doesn’t like any of the toys, Barkbox allows you to exchange the toys which sounds pretty much reasonable.

One significant fact is to be noted is that, if you buy the exact contents individually what barkbox provides from elsewhere, it would cost you more than a monthly barkbox price.

Pricing Structure

And as per as the subscription plan is concerned, Barkbox offers 3 types of plans for you.

Number of Months

​Subscription Price/Month

Monthly ( 30 Days)


​Half Yearly ( ​180 Days)


​Yearly ( ​365 Days)


Customer Reviews Based on Different Dog Sizes


image: barkbox

When you buy anything or enjoy any kind of service, firstly, you want to hear from those who have already used these service.

And as far as it is about your favorite pal, I know you don’t want to take any risk.

There are kind of mixed reviews (mostly positive) from the users about Barkbox subscription.

As you already know Barkbox provides three kinds of boxes keeping in mind about the sizes of your canine.

The most interesting fact about Barkbox is that it sends toys and treats fit for your dog size and weights.

I have been getting reviews that the toys are super creative and people are delighted that their dog really loves to play with them.

Not only that their dogs are very excited to get unique toys every month and wait for the next box eagerly.

People have been reporting that the treats of the Barkbox are not only hygienic but also tasty. That is quite affirmative.

And considering the chewers, Barkbox offers heavy chewer options for those dogs that love to chew their toys.

Barkbox team works relentlessly to generate new ideas, themes for toys, treats.

Another thing is that the ratio of renewing Barkbox subscription is freaking notable.

This proves that people are loving the contents and planning to enjoy the service for a long time.

But some are giggling about the renewal policy of Barkbox.

If you forget to cancel the subscription before 3rd of the month, you will be automatically subscribed for Barkbox service.

Some were reported complaining about the lasting of the toys. But that is a very rare case.


BarkBox ​for Small Dogs

​Are you tensed whether Barkbox delights and toys would suit your small puppy’s tender gum?

Well, you better should be.

Let me tell you one thing, Barkbox takes care of your puppy just like you do.

Still a bit confused?

Ok, let me clear your confusion.


Barkbox provides custom sized boxes containing custom sized toys and delights.

Not only that, to maintain the quality, they constantly bring changes to their items.

Another interesting fact is that, Barkbox team tests their own items on different sized dogs and thus prove the items credibility.

So, I recommend you should sit back and relax because your small pooch are bound to love the barkbox items.

BarkBox ​for ​Medium Dogs

​If your dog falls in the medium category and you become worried whether your barkbox items would be too small or too big for your pooch, then I am telling you there is nothing to worry about.

Barkbox has the right sized boxes containing perfect sized toys and delights for your medium size puppy.


​As I told earlier, all the boxes are pre-tested by the Barkbox team on their product furry testers.

You can also exchange any item if they are not liked by your dog.

And, I am assuring you all the Barkbox items are made of high quality ingredients.

BarkBox ​for ​Large Dogs

If your dog is of a large size, then it must be needing extra delights to chew and large toys to play with.

Wait, let me solve your problem in a puff.

Barkbox provides boxes having heavy chewer and bigger toys for larger sized dogs.
Great, Ah?

Well, it certainly is.


​Big Barkbox provides toys, delights and accessories suited for different occasions.

Again, if you specifically like any item, then you can order it individually.

Pros & Cons

  • check
    The website of Barkbox is very user-friendly and super easy to navigate with good FAQ, blog and customer service features.
  • check
    10% of the proceeds are donated to the animal rescue organization.
  • check
    If you like something from your monthly Barkbox, you can reorder it individually.
  • check
    Barkbox provides products that are totally harmless for your dog with allergies.
  • check
    The BarkBox crew promises they wouldn’t send your pup anything they wouldn’t test on their own fur babies.
  • check
    Barkbox treats and chews are all made from natural ingredients.
  • check
    As Barkbox encourages to post pictures with your pooch, your pup can become an online sensation overnight.
  • check
    You can also gift your pal’s pup sweet Barkbox gift hamper just by subscribing to a one-time monthly plan and this subscription plan doesn’t renew automatically.
  • BarkBox has no service available for Cats at this point
  • Barkbox subscription renews automatically. You may face extended subscription period even if you didn’t want to. Once you are subscribed, I am afraid there is no turning back.

​BarkBox ​vs P​awPack vs ​PetBox vs BullyMake



  • $29 for one month
  • $25 per month for 6-month subscription
  • ​$20 per month for 12-month subscription

Barkbox provides free shipping for certain areas.

Barkbox provides custom themed toys, delights and accessories for different sized (small, medium and large) dogs.

In each Barkbox, there are 5-6 products.


Pawpack provides hypoallergenic food and audacious collection of toys and accessories.


Pawpack box comes with $35 a box per month.

If you subscribe for a regular monthly subscription, you will get 10% off which brings down the cost $31.50


Petbox provides boxes depending on the number of the items.


  • $9.95 for month to month, one item
  • $19.95 for 2-3 items
  • ​$39.95 for 4-6 items
  • ​$59.95 for 7-12 items

For 3-month subscription plan, you can get 10% discount and 20% discount for 6-month subscription plan.

Petbox provides boxes for different sized dogs and provides one-three month subscription plan.


​Bullymake is a monthly subscription box specially for large sized dogs as well as small sized dogs.


Bullymake provides 4 different subscription plans.

  • $39/ per month
  • ​$36/ per month for 3 months
  • ​$34/per month for 6 months
  • ​$31/per month for 12 months

​This service provides amazing power chewer with toys.


  • Who started Barkbox?

CEO Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin, and Carly Strife founded BarkBox in December 2011. The inspiration for BarkBox arose when co-founder Matt Meeker failed to find retailers in New York City who sold products tailored to dogs of all sizes, specifically his 150 lb. Great Dane Hugo.

  • Does Barkbox come in different sizes?

Barbox provides customized boxes depending on the size of your dogs.
If you want to know in which size category your dog falls in just scroll above and match your puppy’s size.

  • What is the Average Barkbox Shipping Duration?

If you live in USA or Canada, you can enjoy this service.

If you are a new customer, your barkbox will be delivered to you within 7-12 days.

And when you become an old customer and you are still subscribed to the service, then your barkbox will be on your doorstep at the 15th of every month.

Quite a service, right?

So, guys, you must have already made your mind whether you will enjoy this amazing service for your cute canine.

And if you are still in deep cloud and still want to know the pros and cons of this service at a quick simulation, let me give you a glimpse of it.

  • Is There Any Specialized BarkBox for Puppies with Allergies?

Barkbox service is so amazing that they have plans for your dog if it has an allergy.

All Barkbox products are wheat-free, soy-free and corn-free. So, you don’t have to worry about your dog if it has an allergy to these ingredients.

You just have to contact Barkbox directly (by email/phone call) for those allergy-friendly boxes.

  • How to cancel my BarkBox Subscription?

You don’t have to take any serious hassle. Just follow these-

-Log into your BarkBox account.
-Click on the “Subscriptions” option.
-Click on “All Subscriptions” (if you have more than one)
-Click on “Edit” option.
-Scroll down that page and click the “Cancel Renewal” button.

  • Are BarkBox treats safe?

Well, all barkbox items come from trusted vendors which use high-quality all- natural ingredients.

  • How to reorder BarkBox?

If you like any specific toy from your month’s Barkbox, you can reorder it individually.

You just have to text 484-696-2275 with the codes that are written on the packet of your likened toy.

Just a reminder, you need to pay $5 for shipping.

  • How do I return a defective Barkbox product?

Your canine hasn’t liked one of the month’s Barkbox toys?

Don’t worry.

You can email at [email protected] or call at 855-944-2275 to let know the Barkbox team.

They will handle the whole process.

​Wrapping Up

​I Know your dog is not just a pet to you.

Your puppy is like a baby to you and you want to make sure its comfort when you are not around it.

Barkbox is kind of surprise box that is bound to keep your pooch happy.

Barkbox has successfully provided 10 million boxes in nearly 2 years.

Isn’t this stat enough to satisfy your doubt about the effectiveness of Barkbox?

Yes, Barkbox has some unwanted features.

But among all available services, Barkbox provides the best kind of service pretty much marginally.

Believe me, you are just one step away to make your dog more satisfied than ever with fun themed toys, treats and so on.

In this review I tried my best to cover every possible topic but if anything left out feel free to comment and let me know.

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